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Company Overview

  • I-Fusion Short Term Insurance Brokers CC, also known as IFSTIB, started up in June 2010.
  • Andre Kerdachi is the Director, accompanied by Brian Branken operations manager.
  • IFSTIB is primarily an administration & consulting company to the cell captive, UMA and alternate risk transfer market.
  • IFSTIB administration services range from policy management and issuing, to collection of premiums, reporting to the role players and insurers and claims management.
  • IFSTIB consulting involves identifying the product, engaging with the client and upon agreement sets up the insurance programme with the insurer from beginning to end.

IFSTIB is managed on a day to day basis by Andre Kerdachi. He has a strong background in accounting and owned an SME accounting practice for over 13 years. Andre’s experience in the insurance industry started in the early part of 2000’s where he gained invaluable experience assisting in the management of a brokerage/administrator. He has been actively involved in Cell Captives since 2008 and accordingly this has enabled him to develop extensive knowledge of the cell captive model. Both IFSTIB and Andre both are fully compliant and hold the relevant professional designations for both the Accounting and Insurance industry.

Brian Branken, a valuable member of the team, is the operations manager having an Honours B.Com in Financial Management degree and has been with IFSTIB since 2012. Brian looks after compliance, data and IT requirements along with many other reporting functions.


IFSTIB provide innovative, structured and bespoke solutions to clients in the Medical, Motor Vehicle, Property Management, Energy, Funeral and Credit Life sectors, amongst others. IFSTIB’s relationship with some of the biggest underwriters in the industry, mainly Guardrisk, African Unity Life, KGA Life, New National Assurance Company Limited, and formerly with Mutual and Federal Risk Financing and Liberty has enabled the company to provide, custom built and tailored insurance solutions to large corporates as well as SME’s.

IFSTIB, prides itself on its consultative approach and by gaining a first-hand understanding of the clients business in general and insurance needs in particular. They are able to bring their extensive experience to identify and provide a cost-effective and proactive insurance offering.

The structured insurance solutions may take many forms, but the most popular and effective is the cell captive structure where a return on investment from affinity business is often lucrative. Another form of structuring and with a little red tape is an underwriting management agency which writes primarily through brokers but renders tailored products and solutions for the prospective client, resulting in shared profits.

IFSTIB, has been at the forefront of the massive industry changes over the last number of years, and has effectively managed to integrate past insurance business practices into current legislation and regulatory norms.  Hence the succession of income streams whilst maintaining compliance and regulatory adherence.